Friday, November 30, 2012

Photo Friday: Thank you Palmer Trucks!

Thank you Palmer Trucks for having Sarah Aubrey again as a presenter this year at your 5th Annual Truck & Equipment Show! Congratulations on another great event.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Plant Feedstock Genomics for Bioenergy: A Joint Research Funding Opportunity Announcement USDA, DOE

Plant Feedstock Genomics for Bioenergy: A Joint Research Funding Opportunity Announcement USDA, DOE

DOE and USDA are accepting pre-applications for genomics-based research that will lead to the improved use of biomass and plant feedstocks for the production of fuels. The program will fund research that increases the understanding of environmental influences and accelerated breeding of dedicated biomass feedstocks, as well as developing and using database and extension resources for enhanced bioenergy crop research and training. DOE will accept new and renewal applications under this Notice. USDA will accept only new applications.

DOE eligible applicants include: U.S. Colleges and universities; non-profit organizations (except 501©4); for-profit commercial organizations; state and local governments; and unaffiliated individuals.
USDA eligible applicants include: State agricultural experiment stations; colleges and universities; research institutions and organizations; Federal agencies; national laboratories; private organizations; individuals. Applications from scientists at non-U.S. organizations will not be accepted.

Pre-applications are required and due December 18, 2012. Upon invitation, full applications are due by Noon EST February 25, 2013. $5 million is anticipated to be available. Annual budgets are expected to range from $200,000 to $500,000 total costs. No cost share is required. Please follow up ASAP to express your specific interest. For more information, visit 


We endeavor to strengthen communities, empower entrepreneurs and foster growth for farms and businesses by providing resources, knowledge and by writing successful proposals that enhance cash flow, create jobs, and nurture the rural environment.

Prosperity, a full-service funding opportunities development firm, aids clients in networking with state and federal agencies and trade groups to foster all areas of project development. Since 2007, Prosperity has achieved over 400 successful grants among 33 states; funding for these awards has yielded nearly $50 million.

Our grant writing specialists have expertise in all areas of proposal development, project management or reporting following grant award. We are accomplished in developing solid narratives and budgets as well as handling all aspects of state and federal online grant application systems.

Sarah Aubrey, Principal
Ms. Aubrey, Certified Grant Administrator, is the owner of Prosperity Ag & Energy Resources, a Prosperity Ag, LLC, company and a Certified Women’s Business Enterprise. Prior to founding the company in 2007, Sarah Aubrey worked in adult education and training for Agri Business Group, Inc. (now Adayana) where she facilitated adult education modules for major agricultural, energy, and food corporation clients. She also developed, negotiated, and sold proposals for the work giving her good training ground for a future in the grant writing industry.

Stacy Fitzsimmons, MBA
Ms. Fitzsimmons, Certified Grant Administrator, holds significant experience in proposal writing, project management, and organizational strategy. Her strengths in stakeholder interaction and strategy development have been employed in multiple program development initiatives; most recently at the Indiana Department of Health. She is a certified Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) administrator and has written many successful grant proposals, including major Department of Labor submissions.

Erin Smith, Project Manager
Since 2010, Ms. Smith has assisted with over 90 grant submissions, across 15 states, totaling over $5 million in funding requests for energy efficiency, renewable energy, and recycling projects. She assists with packaging and submission of applications and is responsible for client and agency follow up post-submission and post-award.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What's Happening Wednesday: Palmer Truck's 5th Annual Truck & Equipment Show

Today and tomorrow Palmer Truck Group is hosting their 5th Annual Truck & Equipment Show at the Marsh Blue Ribbon Pavilion, Indiana State Fairgrounds. Sarah Aubrey will speak tomorrow November 29th at 3:00 P.M. on "Navigating the State and Federal Agency Funding Process". This is her second year in a row to attend and present on grant writing. The two-day event hosts approximately 80 vendors and features new products and demonstrations. Alternative Fuels and Training Opportunities are this year's focus. Gerry Dick of Inside Indiana Business was this morning's keynote speaker.

Sarah Aubrey presenting her Grant Writing Session at last year's Truck Show.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

What's Happening Wednesday: Happy Thanksgiving!

Oh behalf of Prosperity Ag & Energy Resources, Happy Thanksgiving! In observance of the holiday, our office hours are:
Thursday, November 22nd - Closed
Friday, November 23rd – Closed

We will resume normal business hours on Monday, November 26, 2012.

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving with your friends and family!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What's Happening Wednesday: Today Is a New Day

Yes, it dawned this morning, too. 

It’s November 7, 2012; the elections are over. 

The speeches, both of victory and of concession, have been made. Candidates have left the podiums, their supporters have retreated to their homes and social media accounts. The confetti has been scattered, the balloons dropped and the raised blood pressure of those both delighted and furious is regulating. Today, I saw a volunteer stop along the roadside collecting signs that yesterday stood stalwart in support of their candidate and today are already swaying awkwardly in the chilly November drizzle. Time. We cannot ever suppress time.

It is said that time heals all wounds. I hope the adage is true for America. We are a country wounded by this election-regardless of the turnout and regardless of who won and who did not. The divided feeling pervades the air; this is not the way America can be successful. As I begin to assess what this election means to me personally, I am reminded to consider this: What do I mean to this country? What can I do to make the next four years great? That my next four years are successful and happy is incumbent upon me alone!

Do not take the election results as a defeat or a triumph. America is founded on individualism. We are still individuals, still have our own liberties and are still free to make choices for ourselves, are still able and should be willing to attain our own dreams! Be an individual. Work hard, be abundant in your lives, and offer what you can to your family, your community and to your country. Relying on our governmental system and its elected officials for personal happiness or discontentment is a mistake that insults the true achievement of ‘the Great Experiment’ of the United States of America. 
Today is a new day.