Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Happy Holidays from Prosperity Ag & Energy

Merry Christmas! What a wonderful year it has been at Prosperity Ag and Energy Resources. As the year ends, my thoughts turn to all that I am grateful for and I always like to assess the accomplishments and growth areas of the year. I want you to know that I appreciate your business, your advice, your kinship and the opportunity we've had to network with you this year.  Thank you for the opportunity to serve you!

2011 saw us writing many grants and receiving many exciting awards for our clients. If you'd like to see a sample of these projects, take a look at the new Clients Awarded page on our website ( Prosperity was certified as a Women Business Enterprise this year, and I was accepted into the National Speakers Association. Press releases about these opportunities and new information about speaking services are located on the website at: We expect 2012 to be another exceptional year and I offer you my committment to do the best we can for your projects.   

Best Wishes for a wonderful holiday season and a New Year of Health, Happiness & Prosperity!

Sarah Aubrey, Principal
Prosperity Ag & Energy Resources 


Monrovia, Ind., December 14, 2011 -USDA Renewable Energy for America Program (REAP) award recipients have been named. Thirty-six (36) Prosperity Ag and Energy Resources clients across ten (10) states have been awarded grants for renewable energy projects and energy efficient improvements, which totals over $1.3 million in funding. Over the past four months, USDA made three announcements of award recipients and today USDA released their final announcement, which concludes the REAP award cycle for 2011. Click here for today's press release from USDA. This list may not be exhaustive, however, as there may be a lag between applicant notifications of award and the issuance of USDA's announcement today. Prosperity will publish an additional release with new awardees when they can be reached. Prosperity client awardees are as follows: 
DE - JAMES L CARPENTER & SON, INC.      Milton                     Energy Efficiency                  $49,424
IL - AG PLUS DEVELOPMENT, INC.                Tallula                     Energy Efficiency                  $49,663
IL - DEERFIELD FARMS, INC.                            Nashville               Energy Efficiency                  $33,513
IL - LOWER FARMS, INC.                                   Lanark                     Energy Efficiency                  $48,774
IL - WEST BUREAU FARMS, INC.                    Manlius                  Energy Efficiency                  $44,435
IN - ARDIS A KINDIG                                          Brook                      Energy Efficiency                  $50,000
IN - AUSTIN'S WEST-SIDE SUNOCO, INC.   Austin                     Flexible Fuel Pump             $16,635
IN - BYRON ED RUGE                                         Valparaiso             Energy Efficiency                  $19,989
IN - B ALLEN BUCHANAN II                             Fowler                    Energy Efficiency                  $44,470
IN - CECIL K KOGER                                             Stilesville              Flexible Fuel Pump             $45,185
IN - DANIEL R COFFMAN                                 Hebron                   Energy Efficiency                  $47,708
IN - EDDIE'S SERVICE, INC.                              West Baden          Flexible Fuel Pump             $43,031
IN - EDWARD D HORRAL                                  Patoka                     Energy Efficiency                  $33,467
IN - ERIC O'FARRELL                                          Monticello             Energy Efficiency                  $44,343
IN - GARRETT LAND CORPORATION           Montpelier            Energy Efficiency                  $43,086
IN - GERALD E WERNER                                   Union Mills            Energy Efficiency                  $28,811
IN - HARPRING FARMS, LLP.                           Greensburg           Energy Efficiency                  $12,535
IN - JERRY HARLOW                                          Tipton                      Energy Efficiency                  $17,842
IN - JOHN S HUSSEY                                          Windfall                  Energy Efficiency                  $49,777
IN - LARRY BERENDA                                        North Liberty        Energy Efficiency                  $12,863
IN - LYNN FIECHTER FARMS, INC.                Keystone                Energy Efficiency                  $40,999
IN - MICHEAL R MCDANIEL                            Waldron                  Energy Efficiency                  $12,306
IN - RICHARD K NEIBERT                                 Morocco                 Energy Efficiency                  $25,131
IN - RICK FIECHTER FARMS, INC.                  Montpelier           Energy Efficiency                   $45,070
IN - ROBERT BREWSAUGH                              Greensburg           Energy Efficiency                  $15,155
IN - WILFORD J HAYDEN                                  Lowell                     Energy Efficiency                  $49,571
KY - KEVIN CHRISTMAN                                  Prestonville          Energy Efficiency                  $49,750
MD - BROADVIEW FARMS, INC.                   Westminster         Energy Efficiency                  $30,367
MI - APPLE FARMS, INC.                                  Elwell                      Energy Efficiency                  $26,600
MI - BRISTLE FARMS, LLC.                               Manchester           Energy Efficiency                  $28,210
MI - FRANK KUNIK FARMS, INC.                  St. Charles             Energy Efficiency                   $47,874
MI - HUNT FARMS, INC.                                  Davison                   Energy Efficiency                   $49,750
MI - LEON P CLARK                                            Eagle                       Energy Efficiency                   $48,869
OH - GAINER FARMS, INC.                              Urbana                   Energy Efficiency                   $41,401
PA - SUSQUEHANNA AQUACULTURES, INC.   Mt. Wolf          Other                                         $24,675
WI - FENWICK FARMS, INC.                          Brodhead               Energy Efficiency                   $41,625
The REAP Program funding is authorized through the Food, Conservation, and Energy Act of 2008 (Farm Bill). REAP funding can be used for renewable energy projects, energy efficient improvements, energy audits, feasibility studies and renewable energy development assistance. Information on the REAP program can be found at 

Prosperity Ag and Energy Resources began in 2007 and is a full service funding opportunities development firm. Prosperity focuses on grant writing, guaranteed loans and general grant administration working closely with state and federal contacts to strengthen communities, empower entrepreneurs and foster growth for farms and businesses. Owner Sarah Aubrey also writes and speaks widely on the issue of funding and entrepreneurship. Information on Prosperity Ag and Energy Resources can be found at  



Monday, December 5, 2011

Prosperity's Client Awarded IDEM Recycling Development Grant

MONROVIA, IND. - December 5, 2011 - The Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) has selected Prosperity Ag & Energy Resources' client, Perpetual Recycling Solutions, LLC. for the Recycling Market Development Program (RMDP) Grant. Perpetual Recycling Solutions, LLC. was selected to receive $50,000 to purchase and install recycling equipment at their newly acquired facility in Richmond, Ind.